Co-Creation in Web3: Joyn Collaboration with Ninfa x Superchief for an NFT.NYC Artist Open Call

Aleksandra Art
August 8, 2022

On June 2nd, Joyn powered an open call for artwork submissions, providing a platform for artists looking for artists to exhibit at Ninfa x Superchief show during NFT.NYC 2022.

The open call attracted nearly 150 applications across different mediums and countries. Curators from both Ninfa and Joyn worked together to nominate pieces from a mixture of established and emerging artists, in line with the artistic direction undertaken for the show. After several weeks, ten finalists had their work selected for the final exhibition at Superchief Gallery in New York on June 20th.

Open calls are nothing new in the traditional art world. However, when it comes to Web3 functionality, there is untapped potential for decentralized collaboration. The submission page ran as a campaign where the producer could invite other curators to work together on the selection process. The artist's submissions had a social profile and wallets tied to their application, allowing the project managers to provide different rewards to the participants. In the case of Ninfa x Superchief, the rewards for finalists took the form of minting fees compensation, in addition to the allocated exhibition slots.

Photo by @ArefehNorouzii

Ahead of the event, partnering teams hosted Twitter spaces to celebrate the upcoming opening, inviting artists and collaborators to speak about their practice, how the project came about, and the selection process.

As the Web3 creative community continues to explore new avenues for presenting its work, we look forward to powering more projects in our growing network of creators.

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