Creativity Unleashed: Experiment Freely with Joyn’s New Minting Features

June 8, 2023

In the dynamic world of web3, artists and creators need a platform that not only supports their work but also removes unnecessary hurdles. At Joyn, our mission is creator-centric — we make your journey smoother and more inclusive. We’re thrilled to announce new features on our platform that better serve YOU, our creator community.

Zero Gas, Maximum Creativity

In the world of NFT creation, fluctuating Ethereum gas fees can pose a significant financial challenge for creators. We understand how this strain can hinder the creative process. Recognizing this, we’ve taken steps to level the playing field. With Joyn, you can now mint and list your NFTs without worrying about gas costs. This lowers friction for creators, allowing you to focus and experiment on what truly matters: your art.

We achieve this by employing ‘Lazy Minting’ — a process laden with multiple benefits. Instead of worrying about high minting costs, creators can concentrate more on their art and the experiences they’re creating within their NFTs. Furthermore, it helps reduce storage and energy costs until a buyer shows interest. This optimizes efficiency and is precisely why major marketplaces are starting to offer lazy minting — the benefits are too compelling to ignore.

Boosting Your Opportunities with ERC-1155

At Joyn, we pride ourselves on our dedication to empowering creators and embracing the diversity that they bring to our platform. In line with this commitment, we’re excited to announce that we have expanded our minting and listing options to include support for ERC-1155 tokens.

Why is this significant? The ERC-1155 token standard is a powerful tool for creators. It provides you with the flexibility for you choose how to represent and sell your work. Whether you want to create a series of identical tokens or unique masterpieces, ERC-1155 makes it possible.

“Pay What You Want” Marketplace Fee

We continuously strive to add features that reflect our core belief of fairness and empowering creators. With this in mind, we’ve rolled out a unique ‘Pay What You Want’ marketplace fee feature, giving you the freedom to decide your own marketplace fees. Users won’t need to make any adjustments to their current process — we made things even easier by integrating this feature into the piece creation process!

How to get started

Step 1: To start you can create a piece of artwork from the create button at the top right of Joyn. Alternatively, you can select a previously uploaded piece of work from your profile.

Step 2:
During the upload process you can choose the amount of supply you would like to have for this piece. You can access the option to mint from a previously uploaded piece of work directly from your profile. You can set it to 1 for a unique 1/1 or multiple editions for collectors to acquire.

Step 3:
Once you fill in the information and hit “Mint NFT” you will see the following confirmation that your NFT is minting at no cost to you.

With these significant enhancements, we’re more committed to providing an optimal user experience. We eagerly await your feedback, reach out to us via Twitter with any questions!

We hope you’re ready to take your creative journey to the next level with these features. At Joyn, we remove the boundaries to let your creativity thrive — start minting your work today!

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