(Re)Introducing the Joyn Community

April 6, 2022

TL;DR — rolling out our staple community programs directly on joyn.xyz starting next week!

If you’ve been around, you’ve probably heard or thought of something along these lines:

I want to start my own project, which requires first dreaming up innovative ideas, then seeking out collaborators, managing engagement with followers, and, of course, executing the vision which may require a range of skills… I feel overwhelmed.

Web3 creators have their hands full. Very few creators can wear all of these hats.

That’s why we created Joyn, to provide direct support to creators, collectors, engineers, founders, and anyone who seeks to apply their skills in the Web3 space.

Since day 1, we’ve made it clear that our goal is to provide the platform, community, and resources to empower a new generation of creators emerging in the Web3 space.

Platform & its tooling make up a major part of what we’re building, but they take time. Meanwhile, we’ve been adamant about delivering immediate impact - that led us to launching our staple community support programs that have benefitted hundreds of creators to-date.

Today, we’re happy to (re)introduce you to the Joyn Community, and share with you what’s next on the horizon.

Why should I Joyn? (get it? 😉)

Joyn’s community is meant for people who are passionate about the long-term potential of Web3, who want to test their skills & push the boundaries.

We want to provide a space where creators can support one another to co-create projects that would otherwise have remained as unrealized ideas.

Mutual Support: Community-driven co-creation

Regardless of your skills & experience, there are three major roles you can take on:

  • Producers are the leaders of projects. They present the initial idea of a project, set goals and objectives, ensure the quality of the output, and co-create with other community members to bring the project to fruition.
  • Co-Creators are key contributors to projects. They follow the Producer’s lead and can be 2D/3D artists, photographers, illustrators, developers, graphic designers, musicians, animators, filmmakers, writers… that share ownership of the project.
  • Backers are early supporters of a project or post-launch collectors. They may offer feedback to Producers and Co-Creators during the creative process, in turn shaping the project’s outcome. They too share ownership of the project and have a direct vested interest in the project’s success.

By providing a space for these types of individuals to form connections with each other, together we will enable a network of projects that represents a wide range of creative expression.

This removes the fragmentation in the Web3 creative space and makes it much easier to learn about and become involved with various media projects.

Plus, whenever you encounter an artist or creator whose work you admire, you’ll have the opportunity to spread the word and connect with someone who’s outside of your existing network.

We want to connect creators based on their imagination, skills, and commitment to being part of a larger creative mission.

Direct Support: Empowerment through community programs

Our Community Programs are designed to level the playing field for emerging web3 creators by giving them the power to make an immediate impact — so that promising projects can receive the support they need to flourish.

To keep things simple, we’ll be starting with three programs next week:

Community Curation (Weekly)

  • Every week on Wednesday, we’ll be announcing the week’s budget and asking the community to suggest NFTs that we should bid on. We’ll then curate a piece together and kickstart its auction.
  • Each piece will be evaluated based on effort level, execution, engagement, and peer endorsement.

Get Minted Challenge (Weekly)

  • Also known as the Gas Fee Sponsorship program.
  • Every week on Friday, we’ll be asking the community which pieces of work we should help mint.
  • Anyone interested can share their unminted work, with title & description.
  • Each piece will be evaluated based on effort level, execution, engagement, and peer endorsement.

NFTs & Chill Twitter Space (Bi-Weekly)

  • Every 2 weeks, we’ll be hosting a Twitter space where everyone is welcome to chill and talk all things NFT.
  • This is a good chance for us to get to know each other better, exchange project ideas, and for you to get a sneak peek of the things to come.

Starting next week, we’ll be running community programs directly on Joyn.xyz, in the form of project prompts. The prompts will also be shared on Twitter and Discord so you’ll hear about them as they’re dropped — be sure to keep an eye out!

P.S. We’ll be announcing more information about the upcoming Creator Funddesigned to facilitate the open co-creation of Web3 media projects. If you’re working on or planning to start a new project, start putting your ideas on paper & sign up on Joyn.xyz to get notified 👌

About Joyn

Joyn was developed by Chestr Labs as a launchpad for collaborative Web3 media projects. It connects creators, intellectual property holders, and supporters to unlock new avenues of co-creation. With Joyn, you can take charge of the narrative and bring your vision to fruition.

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