Joyn's Artistic Evolution: Unveiling new updates to Open Calls, Galleries, Spaces and more!

April 26, 2023

At Joyn, we’re continually striving to improve our platform, making it easier for artists and collectors to exclusively discover and engage within web3, the metaverse and beyond! 

We’re excited to announce that our main offerings — Open Calls, Galleries, and Spaces  — now have dedicated pages, streamlining the user experience and enhancing the way you explore and interact with art and opportunities provided by our curated partner network.

Open Calls: Curated Opportunities for Artists

We understand the importance of helping artists grow their audience and gain recognition. Open Calls is our way of connecting artists with the best exhibitions, galleries, and art contests. By partnering with top art organizations and artists, we offer curated opportunities for everyone to showcase their work and expand their reach.

Maximum exposure and easier time finding opportunities

Galleries: Effortless Curation of On-Chain Assets

Our Galleries feature enables all users to curate on-chain assets across Ethereum and Tezos. Users have already begun creating visual stories, artists deep-dives, and collection showcases using Galleries. As we continue to build on the galleries infrastructure we’ll be introducing more novel minting mechanics, curator fees, and much more. The long-term goal is to create the most flexible, collaborative and interoperable gallery tool for artists and collectors.

Galleries come to life on the new Galleries page — search and find your next inspiration!


Spaces: A Hub for Creative Exploration

Spaces unite and showcase art around specific genres, IPs or a selected project, allowing to record a history of opportunities provided to the community. With a diverse range of categories, from CC0 IPs and AI art to in-depth artist explorations, Spaces offer a home for artists to index their works and gain exposure through live Open Calls. Spaces also invite art enthusiasts to dive deeper and learn about a specific genre or entity. A dedicated place for Spaces is elevating the Joyn experience, allowing users maximum exposure for their hard work!

Alongside these new updates to our core features we’ve given most of the user interface across the app a facelift. Our team is working diligently to improve flows and make the product even more user-friendly.

Spaces are designed to bring together and showcase art!

Minting & Listing on Joyn

We recently shipped a Joyn shared contract that artists can use to mint work directly on Joyn. Users can also list their work on Joyn if minted on their own contract or another marketplace contract. Currently both minting and listing supports ERC-721 tokens but will soon support ERC-1155’s as well. Over the coming weeks and months a slew of new mint mechanics and drop options will be added. 

At Joyn, we’re committed to creating a vibrant, supportive, and thriving ecosystem for artists and collectors alike. Stay tuned for more updates and information on our upcoming releases!

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