The Inspiration Behind Joyn, the Launchpad for Creative Collaboration in Web3

March 31, 2022

Here’s the first step of our journey to build a gathering place for creators.

Over the past few years, we have seen high-profile creators transition to Web3 contexts to engage with their followers and to experiment with new forms of media creations.

In the Web3 era, every great media project is the result of combined efforts.

  • Designers and artists take charge of the visuals, shaping the first impression that the project leaves on viewers.
  • Composers and beatmakers take on music and sound design, adding an aural dimension to visual content.
  • Smart contract developers give each artwork its on-chain form and function.
  • A community of supporters offers insights, resources, and recognitions that help the project sustain and evolve.

Each individual element comes together to become an unfolding experience that is more than the sum of its parts. This new media format is shaping up to be a once-in-a-generation opportunity, for anyone to potentially start a cultural movement. In this context, everyone who participates is a Creator.

However, the current state of the Web3 creative space often favors creators who are good at building hype or more business-savvy. This is similar to the difficulties faced by talented individuals in the pre-Web3 era.

At the same time, more and more creators and collectors are joining the Web3 space every day. Increasingly these newcomers are locked out of the opportunities of the NFT boom because they are “late” to the scene, or don’t have ready access to connections or resources.

We believe that the tides are slowly turning and that given the right tools, a new class of creators will rise to fill this gap. That led us to starting Joyn.

What Joyn is setting out to achieve?

Joyn’s mission is to provide a platform, a community, and to democratize opportunities by connecting quality ideas with quality partnerships, allowing them to become a reality.

As a group of artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, we want to see creators of all stripes thrive in the Web3 environment. We’re committed to inventing new ways of co-creation, not only in terms of taking concepts to completion but also to building supportive communities that offer meaningful long-term relationships.

Joyn aims to become the place where creators, collaborators, intellectual property holders, supporters, and patrons can connect to turn ideas into new media projects. These human connections serve as more than conduits for obtaining resources to build projects. They lay the foundation for new communities of like-minded individuals who provide support and care.

With these networks in place, our project blueprints can help streamline production pipelines and set predictable and achievable milestones. The communities formed on Joyn will not only help creators make important decisions but also spread the word about inspiring projects.

We’re here to facilitate the adoption of sustainable co-creation practices. Find out more about Joyn, and sign up to receive the latest news about the first creative projects that are incubating on the platform. If you’re a creator, join our waitlist and submit your idea for the next great Web3 media project!

About Joyn

Joyn was developed by Chestr Labs as a launchpad for collaborative Web3 media projects. It connects creators, intellectual property holders, and supporters to unlock new avenues of co-creation. With Joyn, you can take charge of the narrative and bring your vision to fruition.

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